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Work From Home and Don't Get Crazy

Out of sudden you have to work remotely and are not sure how to handle it? Rule number one is: don’t think you’re alone in this.

Even if you think working from home will have a negative impact on your business or job, we can make it work!

I shared my experience with remote work, managing remote teams and even remote training. You can get practical tips and list of tools I use. 

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What is the webinar about?

  • How to work remotely and keep business going
  • How to run remote meetings
  • How to work from home and not get crazy
  • How to keep teams aligned when working remotely

Who should attend?

  • Everyone who is afraid of how the remote work will affect her or his work
  • People managers who are not sure how to handle their teams remotely
  • Teachers who need to prepare for remote classes

When and how to connect?

  • This webinar happened on March 23rd
  • You can watch the free recording and ask related questions

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Screenshots from the webinar