[Webinar] specially designed for SMBs and startups

How To Self-Audit Your Facebook Ads

In challenging times like this SMBs have usually two priorities: save unnecessary cost and make sure that the business keeps acquiring new customers and generating revenue

Many companies acted under panic when they stopped all their ads. Now, they are realizing that without marketing, they can not survive

In this webinar, we uncovered opportunities to save money on Facebook (and Instagram) Ads while making sure you still acquire new customers for your business.  We will describe practical steps to make your accounts effective and to win this battle!

Guest of this webinar

Kingston Benjamin

Regional Lead - MEAA at ROI Hunter
Facebook Marketing Partner
6 years experience with Facebook Ads

Host of this webinar

Lukas Krejca

Founder of Jayid
Digital trainer and consultant
10 years experience with Facebook Ads

This webinar will tell you:

  • Tips how to reduce Facebook Ads cost by finding the ineffective parts of your campaigns.
  • What to do to keep acquiring new customers through Facebook Ads?

Who should attend?

  • Small and medium business founders
  • Entrepreneurs who need to bring their business online
  • Digital marketers who want to learn how to self-audit their campaigns 

How to connect?

  • Clik the “Watch Recording” button to get access to this webina
  • After sign up you will recieve a link to the webinar record
  • You can still ask questions while watching the webinar


"The webinar “How to self-audit Facebook Ads” was held at the perfect timing in the current market! It also resonated with our business as we were running Facebook Ads at this moment and any feedback from the experts was appreciated. The webinar was very interactive, people asking questions, commenting and the hosts responded to all of them to the best of their ability. No question was left open. Thanks! "

This is not Facebook Ads course. 

This is not for digital marketing experts.  

We will not discuss how Facebook Ads work in theory. 

This is for business owners and entrepreneurs who’s businesses are at risk (that’s why it si for free). 

This is for small companies who want to keep the lights on. 

This is for people who didn’t give up and believe Facebook can help if done right. 

…and we’ve got a free gift prepared exclusively for entrepreneurs who attend this webinar. 

The webinar can save you thousands of dollars. It can help you find new customers.

All it costs is 1 hour of your time.