5 Tips for job search success that people always forget

Let’s cut straight to the point, finding a job is stressful, time-consuming, and difficult, especially in 2020 when unemployment rates are skyrocketing.

We understand that and that’s exactly why in the latest episode of Dubai Business Podcast we decided to deviate a bit from our usual and invited Alexandra Bogatoiu- a Recruitment consultant based in Dubai to give our audience tips on finding a job in Dubai in 2020.

You can listen to the full episode here 👇


But if you don’t have all the time (which we understand), we have summarised Alexandra’s top 5 tips for job search success that people always forget. Here it goes:

1. 📝 Properly formatted CV:

Yes, this might sound a bit too obvious. But, in her experience, she says there are still a lot of people who are highly qualified but have a CV that is poorly formatted or just doesn’t look good. The way your CV looks tells a lot about you, if you have a proper design and good formatting it directly shows the efforts you’ve put into it and your willingness. And that’s a really nice impression to make.

2. 📆 Mentioning the right date:

What she means by this is whenever there is information in your CV that needs mentioning of dates, do it in such a way that you mention both the year and month. e.g., 2018 Dec – 2019 Jan instead of 2018-2019. Do you see how misleading the latter can be?

3.🏅Achievements based on KPIs:

Listing out your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is welcomed. But everyone does that, what’ll make you stand out is mentioning what you’ve achieved based on your KPIs and in what time frame.

4. 😇 Be humble but not too much:

Alexandra has met a lot of people who have really good achievements but don’t mention it in their CVs. When asked why they always say they never thought this was a big deal. Well, when it comes to CVs you have to mention all your achievements keeping in mind you’re not lying about anything.

5.🙋‍♂️Maintaining the right attitude:

Be it an interview call or be it in-person interview (also remote interviews), having the right attitude will naturally increase your chances of getting hired because let’s be honest, no one wants to hire a person with a bad attitude no matter how skilled they are.


Finding a job shouldn’t be stressful to be honest, considering how much effort we put into our education, degrees, and past experiences. With a clean CV, a driven attitude, and the right strategy you can find the job you deserve. All the best!

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Arshak Ismail Ansari

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