How our audit helped multiply sales by 3x

Digital Marketing audit is a powerful tool to uncover opportunities to increase the effectiveness of your paid campaigns. E-commerce platform was able to multiply sales by 3x after implementing recommendations from our audit.


Searush is UAE’s leading online store for adventure equipment. Founded in 2017, they cover a wide portfolio range from water sports to camping. hiking or cycling. Paid marketing has been the main acquisition channel since day 1 and that’s why Searush manages all their paid campaigns internally.

Performance marketing audit

When we started working on Searush’s performance marketing audit, the goal was clear: increase the effectiveness of all paid campaigns to allow its further scaling. The audit focused on 2 main channels: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. During the initial analysis, I identified also room for improvement in Searush’s conversion funnel so we decided to add this part to the audit.

Because when your funnel is not working properly, no digital marketing campaign can be effective.

Google Ads Audit

In Google Ads, I focused the audit on Shopping campaigns where the majority of spend goes. The initial analysis identified that Google Shopping campaign is not meeting the client’s KPI so I was looking for ways to fix that before Searush can scale it further. The main findings were:

  • huge difference between desktop/mobile conversion rates –> opportunity for bid adjustments
  • many irrelevant searches were wasting the budget on non-converting keywords
  • campaign structure didn’t allow optimizing e.g. for high-margin products
  • best selling products were not promoted while 25% of the budget was spent on products that have historically 0 sales

We suggested a group of changes that Searush implemented and that lead to increased coverage of most important categories and improved results that allow further scaling.

Searush Performance marketing Audit Preview

Searush Performance marketing Audit Preview

Facebook Ads Audit

Facebook Ads work for e-commerce advertisers specifically in 2 areas: as a discovery channel to acquire new users and as a strong remarketing channel to convert existing visitors to the website. Since Searush was not getting the desired performance from Facebook Ads, I focused on finding opportunities to improve results or try new tactics.

Here, the recommendations included:

  • enhancing creatives used for dynamic ads – that lead to decreasing CPC by 20%!
  • restructuring current campaigns;
  • testing different bidding type to increase the quality of traffic acquired via Facebook;
  • improving the copy of all ads to increase CTR and increase trust;
  • identifying opportunities with prospecting and new audiences.

Conversion Funnel Audit

As mentioned, we also covered the whole conversion funnel to ensure that Searush gets maximum from every visit they acquire through (not only) paid marketing. This part included suggestions about:

  • promo banner communication
  • free shipping and price design
  • product detail design
  • delivery options

And what were the results?

“On Facebook, we were able to decrease CPC by 20% after implementing those changes. In Google Ads, I have more control over my budget and which item in my catalogue is recieving more visits. Overall, improved quality of traffic driving to the website, increased conversion rate and managed to scale our sales to 3x compared to our numbers before this audit.”
Tarek Temamy, founder


Do you also want to get your marketing under control? Sign up for our digital marketing audit.


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