One change in your campaigns can lead to 100 new orders

This was a big AHA-moment for this e-commerce client. They have spent 55% of the budget on campaigns that didn’t bring any transactions.

They got traffic.

But no e-commerce is making business money from having visitors. They need transactions, orders, revenue.

And still, many of them spend their marketing budget on ads that bring them likes, comments, maybe visitors. But no orders.

It is one of the most common issues we find in client’s accounts during our digital marketing audits.

By turning this around we were able to quickly get almost 100 new orders without increasing the overall budget.

By this one change, they got back 10x of the price they paid for our audit.

Not a bad deal, I’d say. All it took for them was not to be afraid, admit that they need small help, and be open to what we’d recommended.

How to identify if you are spending on wrong objectives?

Just run a report from your Facebook Ads Manager. Download data for say the last 30 days. Then create a pivot table that will show you spend, conversions, and revenue per objective.

It will look something like this:

And from there you just take action.

Optimize your campaigns and focus objectives that bring results.

Disclaimer: other objectives might have a different added value depending on what is its role in the marketing funnel. That’s why e.g. spending a little bit on engagement might make sense.  But especially if your budget is limited, you want to make sure, a big chunk of it is spent on what brings you revenue.

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Lukas founded Jayid after helping 100s of businesses both in MENA and Europe with digital marketing and building regional offices for international companies. He's passionate about developing others and his vision is to unlock digital for every entrepreneur and business in the world.

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