How to choose a Facebook advertising agency in Dubai?

Are you looking for a Facebook advertising agency in Dubai but are not sure how to select the right one? While there is no option that would fit all clients, here are a few tips on how to find the right partner for you.

Whether you are looking for an agency or freelancer to manage your Facebook advertising (or any other digital marketing channel), you will find a huge variety of vendors. There are dozens of companies in Dubai providing this service but as with everything – they are not equal in the quality and results they can deliver.

Let me give you a hint: usually, the cheapest is not the best one.

Here are a few tips that can help you in finding the right digital marketing partner for your business.

  1. Look for expertise in that discipline
  2. Look for experience with the same type of clients
  3. Ask for results they have achieved
  4. See how interested are they in your business
  5. Transparency and process
  6. Have clear objectives and KPI

1. Look for digital marketing expertise

Would you ask your car mechanic to handle your accounting?

No? Then don’t let handle them your marketing either. Look for an expert in a given channel, not for “We can do everything” magicians.

Is digital marketing just one of the services the company provides or it is something they’ve been focusing on for years? I’ve seen companies who were doing exhibitions, legal, finance, or website development and as a side hustle, they also provide digital marketing services.

They hardly can have the expertise as each channel has developing extremely fast as well as you might not get full attention if digital marketing is not the main service that the company provides.

2. Look for experience with the same type of clients

Someone working with large brands might not be able to deliver performance to SMBs.

Running Facebook Ads for an eCommerce or local restaurant is a different sport.

Branding and performance-oriented campaigns are a different universe.

Before you even start looking, you should make yourself clear in what you’re looking for. And who you are.

If you are a startup or SME, don’t fall for huge logos on the agency’s website. Someone who has managed Pepsi’s branding campaign for 100k$ will most probably not be able to deliver you qualified leads from your $5k budget (and vice-versa!).

Ideally, you want to find a partner who has worked with a client:

  • in the same or similar vertical
  • with a similar budget
  • with similar objectives

3. Ask for results they have achieved

Again, don’t fall for a big logo trap. Many digital agencies have a motto: “fake it until you make it” and they live it to the point.

When you shortlist an agency, ask for examples of specific campaigns they’ve done and the results they achieved.

OF COURSE, they should not disclose full details of their previous campaigns (and if they did, you should run away because chances are, they will do the same with your data). But they should be able to say: for one of our real estate clients we built a lead generation strategy that brings them X amount of leads for Y price.

Or: with one of our e-commerce clients, we managed to improve their ROAS from 1.5x to 5x by doing X, Y, and Z.

It is still not bulletproof, but it will take way more effort to make it up. So, always ask for specific results and success stories.

And ideally, make delivering results to your business part of the fee with your agency.

PRO tip: ask for one of those logo’s contact and just give them a quick call. You don’t get a better confirmation that clients are happy with that agency.

4. See how interested are they in your business

Do they ask questions about your business? Do they understand your marketing strategy? Do they understand how you make money? Do they understand how your business works?

…or they just go and launch a random Facebook ads campaign?

You cannot do marketing well if you don’t understand the customer and the product. That’s why we always have an intro call with clients who want us to manage their digital marketing campaigns.  Because I need to ask a bunch of questions before I can even see IF we can help. Or how much we should charge. And the next bunch of questions will come before we start working on the campaigns.

If I didn’t ask these questions, I wouldn’t be able to prepare the campaigns in the way it really benefits the client’s business. I might not know all the USPs. I might not understand the client’s target audience. I might not know what really generates profit.

Someone who is not interested in your business is likely to come up with some generic approach that is not necessarily the best one for your brand.

5. Transparency and process

Try to understand how does the agency work before you sign the contract.

Are they suggesting they will use their advertising account instead of yours? Big red flag. Make sure you use Facebook Business Manager for this.

Will you have access to all data or just some limited reports?

What are the steps they will take in the first 2 weeks?

How often will you be able to speak with the team managing your campaigns?

Who will implement Facebook pixel? Who will produce images and videos for ads? Who will take care of landing pages?

Understanding all those questions will help you to avoid disappointment as well as troubles such as losing all your data or access to social media profiles.

Bonus tip: Have clear objectives and KPI

This is more about you – the client – than the agency. You need to know what you’re looking for. If you don’t know where you’re going, no one can help you to get there.

Do you want to increase the number of leads you get? What about the lead quality?

Do you want to increase ROAS or multiply the number of transactions?

These are different objectives that would lead to a totally different strategy and usually, you can’t have both at the same time.

Of course, the right agency will make sure to ask you about that but it is you who needs to be 100% clear in what you’re looking for (and you shouldn’t change it every week), otherwise, even the best agency in the world cannot help you.


These principles apply no matter what kind of digital marketing agency you’re looking for. Following them will significantly increase the chances that you don’t get scammed and you get results that make sense for your business.

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