Sales Effectiveness Audit

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Successful sales are a result of great (trained) people, product and process. Over 90% of companies don't get this right. Let's fix your sales process. From analyzing your phases, sales materials and pitch to optimizing use of your CRM and training your sales team.

What we check during the Sales Effectiveness Audit

  • Sales funnel – Where is the highest drop-rate? Where are you losing business?
  • Lead generation – How do you get leads? Are they relevant?
  • Communication – How do you work with received leads? Who follows up?
  • CRM setup – Do you use CRM? Is the pipeline set up effectively? What can be automated?
  • Sales materials – Is your sales deck working? What is its conversion rate?
  • Value proposition – Do your prospects respond to what you offer?
  • Pitch – Is your sales team making the most from opportunities they have?
  • Sales team – Is your team well structured? Do they have motivating quotas?
companies have ineffective sales process 92%
salespersons hit target 57%
over 81% deals that are not closed 81%
sales emails not opened 91%
replying within 1hr increases chances of success 7x

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How does it work?

  • We send a survey to you and your team (and potentially to your clients)
  • We conduct deep interviews based on the results
  • We join your sales process to see the real-life challenges
  • We summarize everything in a document and prepare an implementation workshop

What will you get?

  • PDF Audit identifying all ineffectiveness in your sales process and suggested changes
  • Workshop with you (and your team) to describe findings and how to implement suggested changes
  • 1:1 Consultancy & help with implementing results

Who will benefit the most from the audit?

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • SMBs with small to medium sales teams
  • SMBs that want to set the process up from scratch

How much is it?

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers - from 8,900 AED
  • SMBs with small to medium sales teams - from 15,900 AED
  • Sales process from scratch - from 10,900 AED

Fine-print: Price excludes VAT. Fees may vary depending on company size and task complexity; however, you will always know the final price before we start the work. At least 50% of the audit fee is to be paid before delivery. 

"Real professional. The paid search audit helped us to boost number of orders in all 3 markets we work at. I can only recommend this service."
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Guaranteed results

We guarantee you will get the audit price back within 3 months after implementing our suggested changes.


We make sure you understand everything you need about each topic. No IT-geek dictionary needed.

Practical only

All of our recommendations will be highly practical and ready to be implemented. No book theory.

Are you ready to improve your sales process?

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