Aditya Mujumdar (Domino’s Pizza): How restaurants can activate their online presence (E05)


Remember the days when dining-in at a restaurant was the norm? With pandemic changing norms in 2020, the F&B industry also faced a significant impact as all the restaurants across the Nation have been closed for dine-in.

Now, almost all of them rely only on deliveries. Aditya suggests that it is actually an opportunity for each restaurant to build its own customer base which they’d never be able to do in a normal scenario.

Tune in as Aditya Mujumdar, digital marketing specialist at Domino’s discusses how restaurants can activate their online presence, how to use Facebook and Google ads or SMS marketing but also how not to lose money with many scammers going around.

This episode includes:

3:20 – What restaurants need to start selling online
10:15 – How can restaurants advertise on Facebook
12:40 – How to use Money Heist or Friends to prompt your offers
20:20 – Should I advertise on Google
21:45 – Best practices for banner ads
31:35 – Other channels restaurants can use
32:30 – Don’t use third-party email marketing
34:00 – How to do SMS marketing
38:09 – SCAM in digital marketing and how to avoid it

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