Nelio Leone (Urban Monks): Growth Marketing during a pandemic (E06)


How do you stand out from the crowd where literally everyone’s trying to stand out? In order to do that it has become important that the marketing strategy should be out of the ordinary, powerful, and innovative. That’s exactly what Growth Marketing is. And, it might be more important for a business than you think, especially during a pandemic.

Tune in as Nelio Leone, founder of the growth marketing agency- Urban Monks, describes growth tips he has learned during his career as well as tips to succeed on LinkedIn. And most importantly principles companies should follow during these pandemic times.

This episode includes:

  • 1:26– What is Growth Marketing?
  • 8:05– How to use rapid experimentation for your business.
  • 13:20– What content Nelio found works best for Linkedin.
  • 23:00– Brands should be browsable during the pandemic.
  • 27:00– Focus on managing churn.
  • 31:00– 10 calls with your clients can save your business.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Pandemic Marketing Playbook

Nelio’s LinkedIn

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