Episode 01: How video can help you to work from home and grow your business

According to Vit Kodousek, the best practice for making any sort of video, is making it for what the audience want to see. Tune in as Vit shares with us his life story, how he built his network in Dubai, what questions should be answered to build a video marketing strategy, what budget to prepare if you want to hire a video agency and also what tools to use and how to succeed on LinkedIn.

Links mentioned in episode:

Dubai Business Podcast

Webinar: Work From Home and Don’t Get Crazy

Vit’s LinkedIn





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Arshak Ismail Ansari

Digital Marketing Intern
Astronaut, Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Investment banker and CEO - I'm none of these things. I like designing, taking pictures and making videos though. I also happen to produce Dubai Business Podcast for Jayid.

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