Simran Samtani: How to keep your finances under control (E07)


When times get tougher, money gets tighter. That’s exactly when you realize cash is king. It’s hard not to address the fact that we are all going through a very rough patch and it becomes increasingly difficult, especially for small businesses, to keep their cash flowing.

Tune in as Simran Samtani – co-founder of accounting and bookkeeping company ‘Xcel‘, speaks about what you can do to manage your personal and company finances. She will share tips on how to collect money from your clients and much more.

This episode includes:

  • 3:20 – Save money on things you don’t need
  • 10:41 – How to ask for money collection
  • 17:17 – 5 stages of Business Criss Trend
  • 21:38 – 10-10-10 method
  • 29:51 – How the crisis-affected her accounting company and what actions they’ve taken
  • 38:20 – Story of their 16 years old business

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