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At Jayid, we fight the ineffective. We help entrepreneurs & companies discover where they could be making more money or – on the other hand – where they are losing it. On this page, you can choose from one of our strategic audits, read about the frameworkprinciples we live and work for, or simply see the full list of our services.

If you are not sure what option is the best for you, just get in touch and we will find a way.

Digital marketing training

In-person or online, we can prepare workshops or training programs to help you learn about digital marketing or sales.


Digital marketing audit

Marketing audit or consultancy help you uncover opportunities in your current campaigns.


Managed digital marketing

Outsource your marketing campaigns to us and we will help you t get more customers.



Are you looking for a digital marketing consultant? Someone with tons of experience that you could use to grow your project? Typical consultancy client already is active in online world or is looking for a way to start. .


Other services

In case you feel an audit is not what you need right now, take a look at our (typically) one-time services. Please contact us to discuss the details of our individually tailored solution.


Looking to get the most from your (digital) marketing channels? Let's work on your marketing strategy & client positioning to make sure you are investing your budget with the highest returns possible.

sales procesS

Successful sales are a result of great people, product and process - and that's where we can help. From analyzing your phases, deck and pitch to optimizing use of your CRM.


Where can you make your processes & activities more cost-effective without harming the service quality? Let us look at your marketing & processes to figure that out.

team structure

Building the right team in the UAE is extremely challenging. Use our experience to make it easier. From selecting the right candidates to hiring process, onboarding people to setting the right team structure and motivating your people.

starting a new business

Starting a business in Dubai can be a daunting task. We've done it before. If you're starting as a freelancer or want to build your company, let us help you with your journey.


Let us analyze your digital marketing campaigns and work with your team or vendors to make sure you get the best results for your business.

customer & project management

It's one thing to acquire clients and another to maintain them. We love improving client onboardings as well as analyzing where you might be losing your customers.


Do you want to jump on the digital wave with your business? Let us be your partner to help you see the challenges it brings and help you to tackle them.

mentoring & consultancy

Being a business founder or entrerpreneur can be a very lonely job. Use our experience and let Jayid be your buddy who will help you answer the hardest questions.

How we work - our principles

One of the reasons why Jayid was founded is our strong belief that business can be based on principles and core values. While many businesses have those noble words on the wall, for us it means way more than that. These are the principles we work and lives our life with:


We are straightforward. You always know how much we charge before any commitment. We are not afraid to say "no", even if it means we lose short-term profit.

Structured & digital

Structuring our work means better quality for us and the client. Using tools like G Suite, Todoist, Freello, etc. means better organisation and speed.

full Responsibility & impact

We don't pretend to work just to get the invoice paid. What drives us forward is seeing real changes in a clients' business. Sales and conversion rates going up. More happy and organized teams. Less churn. That's impact we want to make.

Reliability & Trust are the key

We deliver what we promise, when we promise. And we fix it when you're not happy. We do everything possible to earn your trust.

How we work - framework

There are many ways that we can work together. The ultimate question we ask before choosing the framework is: “What will add the greatest value to the client?”

Audit package

Our ready-to-go audits cover initial analysis as well as follow-up workshop(s) and consultancy. That's typically the best way to start with us.


When you have one specific problem you need to focus on, it's very straightforward. This is usually the case with our workshops or one-off consultancy.

Ongoing projects

Based on a roadmap, we continue growing your project on a weekly or monthly basis. That can be to help with implementation or to oversee areas like digital marketing.

This is what clients think about us

"Provided outstanding support through White Friday and from our collective effort, we have broken every record and have exceeded targets!"
Warrick Godfrey
Regional Marketing Director
"Always comes with new ideas how to improve and scale our online marketing up. With a calm heart I can recommend him as an ideal partner to companies that know what they want from this kind of cooperation."
Frantisek Rehor
Marketing Manager
"We love how Lukas is flexible and result oriented person. He meets all the deadlines and is simply a professionalist in his field."
Petra Janickova
Business Leaders Forum
"Extremely professional in his presentation. Being part of his class is really a opportunity to learn so many Facebook, Google marketing and many more tips. I would really recommend him as a (Facebook Marketing) Coach."

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