Operations Inefficiency Audit

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According to research, operations inefficiency costs companies anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue every year. You need 3 things to avoid this loss: motivated people in well-structured teams and tools with easy-to-follow processes that help your people do better work. We are here to help with putting those puzzle pieces together.

What we check during the Operations Inefficiency Audit:

  • Team structure – Do your people know who does what?
  • Team setup and management – Does everyone know what is their role in the organization? Do they have great leadership?
  • Team cooperation – Do your teams work in silos (and don’t speak with each other) or do they cooperate together? Do they have service-level agreements (SLAs)?
  • Project management – Do you have everything done on time for your clients or are things getting lost?
  • Client onboarding – Do you onboard clients smoothly? Is it an enjoyable experience to start working with you?
  • Automation – Can we make your team’s life better by automating any of their work? Are you using all available tools?
  • Internal processes – Do you have well-documented and measured processes? Do your people follow them?
  • Churn analysis – Where and why are you losing cliets? How do you stop that?

We don’t analyze all these things in one shot. We start with a quick internal audit and go after you biggest pain points.

1 change in process can save over $400k
companies with processes 69%
lack of processes cost NASA $193M

How does it work?

  • We send a survey to you and your team (and potentially to your clients)
  • We conduct deep interviews based on the results
  • We join your team to see the real-life challenges
  • We summarize everything in a document and prepare an implementation workshop (with team training if needed)

What will you get?

  • PDF Audit identifying all ineffectiveness in your ops and suggested changes.
  • Workshop with you (and your team) to describe findings and how to implement suggested changes
  • 1:1 Consultancy & help with implementing results

Who will benefit the most from the operations audit?

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers working on multiple projects
  • SMBs who want to be ready to grow
  • Organizations who want to make sure they are up to date with a digital world and want to improve their operations.

How much is it?

  • The price of an Operations Audit is highly individual. It depends on the agreed scope of work, length of the project and number of workshops conducted.
  • Contact us to get a quote

Our price-policy: We don’t compete on price. We are 100% transparent about our fees. We don’t use kickbacks etc. to increase our revenue. 

"Working with Lukas is amazing. I have personally learned a lot about how to streamline operations for the agency model. His advice was always spot on and his ability to listen makes him great at what he does!"
Nelio Leone
CEO&Founder at UrbanMonks
"Real professional. The paid search audit helped us to boost number of orders in all 3 markets we work at. I can only recommend this service."
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Guaranteed results

We guarantee you will get the audit price back within 3 months after implementing our suggested changes.


We make sure you understand everything you need about each topic. No IT-geek dictionary needed.

Practical only

All of our recommendations will be highly practical and ready to be implemented. No book theory.

Are you ready to improve your business operations?

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