Why I started Jayid?

Starting a company is a big move for me. It took me a while to realize what I want to do and how, but suddenly, things became very clear. Here is why I started marketing and business consultancy company Jayid.

When I left my last job, there were many things I knew for sure but many question marks as well.

I knew, that:

  • I want to do business in a different way. Focus on helping companies rather than generating short-term revenue.
  • My “Why” is that I like developing other people and helping them achieve great things.
  • I want to build a company on principles which are matching with my personal values. Not create principles because it’s trendy.
  • I believe business can be done in a fair way. In a way that I can look at the mirror every day and know I did something good.
  • There are many things I have learned and I want to share them with others. However, it will be impossible to wrap it into some traditional company vertical.
  • The digital market in Dubai still needs a lot of work to develop. However, that doesn’t mean it would need another agency.

I spent weeks thinking it through and discussed it for hours with several people. And decided that starting my own company is the only way how I can try to make these things happen.  So, here it is.

It is scary.

It is a step to the unknown.

While I am starting Jayid alone (with help of partners on specific projects), I know that very soon I will be looking for smart girls & boys who share the same values and have skills that can help our clients. And it will be a huge responsibility for me.

But I truly believe this is the right thing to do and the best way I can help others to grow.

There are a few projects in the making and it already seems, 2020 is going to be an exciting year.

Thanks for everyone supporting me in starting the new chapter. For a small business founder, any support is a big deal. You show yours by following Jayid on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)  and share any feedback you might have!

Cheers to the year of new beginnings!  


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Lukas founded Jayid after helping 100s of businesses both in MENA and Europe with digital marketing and building regional offices for international companies. He's passionate about developing others and his vision is to unlock digital for every entrepreneur and business in the world.

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