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A practical guide for small businesses to stop losing money on Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

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Lukas Krejca, eBook author

Facebook and Instagram advertsing IS a powerful channel for many small and medium businesses.

But some got their fingers burnt with it. 

The fact that you didn’t get the results you were hoping for after your first ad, doesn’t have to mean that there is no way to make it work for you

I wrote this ebook based on my 10+ years experience with Facebook ads. I can’t even count the number of accounts I’ve seen or audited. 

And I summarized the most elementary mistakes SMBs make in these 6 chapters. It is no-nonsense, easy to implement eBook that can save you thousands of dollars. 

If it doesn’t, we’ve got a 100% full refund policy

Oh wait, I almost forgot I got this insane idea of sharing my 10+ years of experience for FREE. Does it make the eBook even more attractive? 

It’s one click-away. 

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"This ebook is a must for person doing Facebook ads."
Shabbir Saifuddin
"This ebook is extremely practical and helped me fix some mistakes in my campaigns."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely – with no strings attached. 

Our mission is to help small businesses fight the ineffective in their sales and marketing. And this ebook is another just another step on our path. 

Not really. This eBook is written in a simple-to-understand language for entrepreneurs who do not always have a technical knowedge or vast experience with digital marketing. 

We ask for your information in exchange for a valuable resource in order to (a) be able to send you your eBook copy; (b) send information to you that we think may be of interest to you by email.

We will never share your information with a third party.

No. We provide independent digital marketing audit or Facebook ads training but we don’t manage camapaigns. 

If you want, we can always recommend a solid agencies you can trust.

Sorry, that’s not a topic we can help with.


Jayid is a boutique marketing & business consultancy company based in Dubai. We help entrepreneurs & SMBs to fight inefficiency in their business and achieve better results.   

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