Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital marketing consultancy

Are you looking for a digital marketing consultant? Someone with tons of experience that you could use to grow your project? Keep reading.

Typical consultancy client already is active in online world or is looking for a way to start. Our consultancy is usually a way to overcome specific problem or to increase perfomance.   

If you’re looking for a (digital) marketing consultant in Dubai, read further.

During the consultation, we usualy help with…

  • Performance of your digital marketing campaigns – Why is something not working?
  • Setting up digital marketing strategy and plan
  • Hiring digital marketers – Get expert opinion to be able to evaluate skills of your candidates
  • Hiring an agency – Get help with finding the right agency for your business.
  • Evaluating performance of your agency / freelancer 
  • Evaluating effectiveness of your marketing investment
  • Decreasing your marketing spend or increasing what you’re getting from your budget
  • Coaching and mentoring you / your team

Who you will you speak with?

Every consultation and client is unique. That’s why I pay extra attention to always prepare myself in advance to add maximum value during the consultation itself.”

Lukas Krejca

That's what our Dubai and international clients have to say...

"Working with Lukas is amazing. I have personally learned a lot about how to streamline operations for the agency model. His advice was always spot on and his ability to listen makes him great at what he does!"
Nelio Leone
CEO&Founder at UrbanMonks
"Real professional. The paid search audit helped us to boost number of orders in all 3 markets we work at. I can only recommend this service."
TLV s.r.o.

Sounds too good to be true?

Such testimonials are often made-up. These are not.
Check Lukas’s Linkedin to validate them or ask ex-clients about added value of his consultations. 

Result oriented

Our consultations are 100% result-oriented. We want to make sure every client can see the impact of time spent with us.


We make sure you understand everything you need about each topic. No IT-geek dictionary needed.

Practical only

All of our recommendations will be highly practical and ready to be implemented.

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