One-On-One Session

This is the right option if you: 

  • need to discuss a specific problem or topic
  • need to look at an individual case
  • want to follow-up on the training
  • wantto try if we are on the same page before going for a full training

Typically we speak about: 

  • specific problems in your digital marketing
  • underperforming campaigns (Google or Facebook)
  • technical dificculties related to digital marketing
  • remote training and leadership
  • individual problems in your processes
  • challenges with your team

How does it work?

"Working with Lukas is amazing. I have personally learned a lot about how to streamline operations for the agency model. His advice was always spot on and his ability to listen makes him great at what he does!"
Nelio Leone
CEO&Founder at UrbanMonks
"The session gave some great tips on the use of Facebook Ads in UAE and Middle East, as there are different methods in different geographic regions."
"Investment in individual training with Lukas has been one of the best I’ve done in the last few years. He helped me very patiently in setting up the Business Manager, guided me through the Facebook Ads Manager, and on practical examples showed new possibilities for product ads. It looks like my FB ad performance is rapidly increasing. "
Tomas Hovorka

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Watch some of training videos recorded by Lukas and our partners to see if we are the right ones for your training.  

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